Thursday, July 27, 2017

writers workshop: throwback thursday

On this day, eighteen years ago, I became a mother.
Tanner.  He's eighteen now.
I have an eighteen year old.
Here are a "few" pictures for his throwback.
Party is tomorrow night so everyone can join.
Ruby Beach
Recreation of a picture of when he was one.
Seattle Aquarium
Lake Sammamish
He was so little.
Jasmine is a big dog.
Dancing at Lauren's wedding
Another big pup
First Day of Eighth Grade
Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi
In Florida, holding a gator. NBD
Lighting his sisters birthday candles
It was so cold that night!  Brrr....
He really hates animals.  Can you tell?
Pinewood Derby
Tanner with both of his sisters.  Born on the same day. That's another
story for a later time.
At the Platte County Fair!  It was so hot!
I miss that pup.
First Day of High School
That one time the dog dragged you through the glass door.
Got his license.
Driving us through Iowa.
17th Birthday Dinner at Dave & Busters
13th Birthday.  The beginning of teenage hood.


  1. God they grow up so fast - my daughter just turned 8 and I'm having a hard enough time coming to terms with that lol - Happy Birthday to Tanner!

  2. Happy Birthday to the "little" guy!

  3. Awwww...boyhood and pinewood derbies! These milestone shots suggest a life well lived! Happy birthday and many, many more to this young man.