Thursday, November 2, 2017


It's starting to get dark earlier and earlier.  That's just how it goes.
I go to work when it is still dark and soon I'll be leaving work and it will be dark.
When will I ever get to see the sunshine again?
On the weekends, I suppose.

Halloween was low key and fun.
I dropped my youngest off at a friends house.
He didn't have a costume.  He didn't want a coat.
I didn't fight with him about it.
What's the point?

The two teenagers that ended up in my car, went looking for the red balloons.
My friend, Dana, had tied them to the sewers around the Highland Crest Area.
We found the red balloons.
Cole and Alli waiting for Riley. 
The red balloon and the creepy swinging child.
I really loved the red balloons.
And Jack Skellington, of course.
Riley and Alli with the little pup.
I totally just showed up at Dana's house.
She offered us food and drinks.
That was the second time I had just shown
up at someone's else. 
And it all worked out nicely.
Cole's red balloon
After we left Dana's, we went to Target.  It is
the place to go on Halloween.
The lonely aisle and all the shopping.
After shopping, we went to Sonic and snagged some
fifty cent corndogs.
Two teenagers in the backseat with their corndogs.
Peyton came home.
He did alright.

But dang, it was dark.

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