Thursday, November 30, 2017

writer's workshop: Pinterest Advice that Really Works!

This is Maggie.  She's my #1 Tortie love bug.
Maggie wasn't feeling well.
She kept throwing up bile and foam.
She was being not Maggie like.
Maggie had a hairball she couldn't quite cough up.
She was still eating and drinking.
I Pinterested "Cat Hairball Remedies"
and pumpkin was the prevalent one.
You mix the canned pumpkin with the canned cat food.
I have never seen her jump up so quickly to eat, especially from
her few days as not feeling well kitty.
Two days of the pumpkin/cat food diet and she is back to norm.
Puking and pooping hairballs as she should.

Pumpkin actually has health benefits for the meows, so we will make
it a regular part of her diet since she is upping in the age department.

So, thank you Pinterest!  You have made my cat a much happier meow!

P.S.  My Pinterest got hacked today!  Why would someone hack a Pinterest account?!  Seriously?!? 


  1. Now that's interesting! I have an older girl too and she's definitely losing the ability to really take good care of herself like she used to. Who would have thought pumpkin!? I'll try it!

    1. It's worked wonders for her! I'm so happy she's feeling better again.

  2. This is so weird. I just heard this pumpkin tip less than an hour ago, and it was news to me. Now, you're bloggin' it! I'm going to remember. Glad Maggie's feeling better.

    1. I had no idea when I was looking for things that pumpkin would be the thing. She eats it right up. Who knew pumpkin would be so good for the cats?!