Friday, November 17, 2017


The North Kansas City Fire Station #1 recognized the girls for staining the Fire Station deck this past summer.  The ceremony included all the new Firefighters getting their pins and promotions of Fire Fighters already working there.  The girls were the only community people recognized during the ceremony.

The certificate is nice.
It's at my home now.
Not sure what I should do with it.


  1. Morgan,

    Thanks for visiting on Friday. The weekends always get me off track. I prefer spending the time with DH even after 38 years of marriage. Yep, it's true, he's my BFF! Congrats on earning the certificate. I'm assuming that is you in the second picture from the bottom, right? I also assume you and the other young gals did this voluntarily. I think community work is admirable and good experience for all folks but especially youngsters. There are so many good values learned by helping others. If you like mewsic, then I invite you to hit the dance floor with me today! ;)

  2. What a great community project! Congratulations to them.