Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Take your Child to Vote

Politics are not over children’s heads.  They hear about it every day regardless of if you want them to or not.  I took Alli to vote with me.  She also went to the polls with her friend’s mom earlier in the day.  She went through the whole process with me.  She saw the ballot, recognized names on the ballot (probably because our area is so small and we actually know the people on the ballot) and gave opinions on those people.  Every vote in KCK was important yesterday, especially for Mayor.  The incumbent Mayor Holland was beat by his challenger Alvey.  Alvey won with a 51.8% vote.  Holland is taking it hard.  I’m not displeased with the change, as it was needed. 
Take your child to vote with you!  It's okay and displays civic responsibility.
The pen pal adventure is going well!  I have a few e-pals and a few snail mail pals! 

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  1. Great experience for Alli, I'm sure. We do our voting via mail-in these days. No stickers :(
    I'm going to have to see what this pen pal biz is! Sounds fun.