Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Four day weeks seem to last the longest! 
The office was busy on Monday.  Constant, non stop from 8 am to 445 pm.  People kept coming.
I tried hard to maintain a positive attitude all day long.  I succeeded until 4:35 pm when someone asked something completely dumb.  Like what's the difference between Family Support and Children's Division.  I was a bit of a smart ass and said "completely separate branches of the state government" and then she kept asking me questions about Children's Division.  I finally got her to go after continually saying "We are not Children's Division" and I gave her the customer service number.

For Valentine's Day, the four of us in the office had a make your own pizza party.  We all brought different ingredients and used a toaster oven to bake it.  I brought the toaster oven into the office about a year ago and I've just left it.  I don't utilize it at home so it might as well work here.
We do trivia via email.  I found Valentine's Day randomness and we had fun with that.
Who receives the most Valentine's each year?
I got those children of mine some chocolates and other random candy.

Alli's in the picture.  Making resting bitch face Purdy!
Alli and I went to her school conferences on Wednesday.  We were in and out in 30 minutes.  She has all As and a C in Science.  She's missing an assignment and he hasn't graded two of them.  She's aiming for a B this quarter.  Alli thinks I offended her Math teacher.  He said something about how after I shook his hand I would need to use hand sanitizer.  I said I work for Family Support and my immunity is high because everyone comes in sick.  He just gave me a look.  Alli told me he has like 9 kids and his wife doesn't work....
Her social studies teacher and I shared a conversation about books.  She gave me an author that she thought I would enjoy reading.  Edward Rutherfurd. Has anyone read anything by him?

Chin chin is happy on his heart eyed emoji pillow.
I ordered the rodents a bunch of treats and they are super happy.

Peyton's conferences were on Thursday.  I had met with all his teachers last week.  Pretty much the same thing.  I got his ipad back, it was in the office for repair.  I have a list of his missing assignments, I hope we can get some of them done over the weekend.  He refused to go to his conferences with me.

Please, someone explain this?  Why is milk better in the dark?  Is there like a new trend that I don't know about?

My Victory Vixens won last weekend.  Wanna check out the game?

KCRW Spring 2018 Season, 2-10-18, Bout 1, VICTORY VIXENS VS BLACK EYE SUSANS from KCRollerWarriors on Vimeo.

It was Girl Scout night and we had a packed Memorial Hall. At 12:19, my backside did a little damage for the jammer.  Sorry, not sorry.

I am participating in a mini boot camp this Saturday.  I figured I had to be there at 7:30 for insurance waiver signatures, I might as well stay and play.  (I am the leagues WFTDA insurance rep; I have to make sure everyone has the WFTDA insurance and primary insurance if they are part of the league.  If they are visitors, I have to have them sign the waiver or they don't get to skate)

Another three day weekend coming up!

How was your week?

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