Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bringing it Back Old School: Valentine's Day Style

Bringing it back to the Old School Blogging.
Remember when blogs first started and we all filled out surveys and posted them.  You got to know a lot about other people.  This monthly blog link up is going to bring you back old school style.  

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Our first old school blog is going with the Valentine’s Day theme since it’s coming up soon.  Questions are random, so answer and enjoy.  If you have some pictures to include; go ahead and do so.
When you were in elementary school, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Was it a big deal or not so much?
In elementary school, we always exchanged the little cards you would get from the stores.  Back then, Pinterest wasn’t a thing and there was not the competion for the perfect parent by hand making their child’s valentine’s day cards.  We made some cool boxes with construction paper on shoe boxes.  Easy peasy!  We would have homemade treats though and usually a juice box.  There would be some games and then we would go home for the day!  It was the exciting part of the week.  It wasn’t a big deal but it kind of was.
What has been your favorite gift you have received on Valentine’s Day?
Honestly, this is so sad, I’ve never really received a gift from a significant other for Valentine’s Day.  I tried to do something cutesy for someone a few years ago and I was quite proud of it.  The reaction from him was good, but that ended up being the last time I saw him.  So, in my mind, I should never do something like that again, even though it was super awesome and I would have loved a gift like that.  My mom used to give us chocolates and fun Valentine ’s Day gifts while we were growing up.   I try to do that for my kiddos.

Should Valentine’s Day even be celebrated?

Sure, why not?

Do you like to send Valentine’s Day cards?

I haven’t done that, but I’m sure I would.

Do you ever receive Valentine’s Day cards?

No.  I did sign up for a Valentine’s swap this year, so I will get a little gift in the mail.  

Do you think people spend too much on Valentine’s Day?


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Conversation Hearts! <3

What is your favorite movie with a love story?

The Notebook.  Because Ryan Gosling.

Do you believe in “love at first sight”?

Tell us about your first crush!

I was in second grade.  There was a boy that sometimes came over to his grandparents house and their house backed up to our yard.  He would catch snakes for me.  I would then lose said snakes.  We would eat gooseberries together.  They were gross.  He was cute.  Someone dared us to kiss.  It lasted like two seconds.  His lips were dry.  That was my first kiss.

Do you have a terrible dating story?  Tell it!

I don’t have a lot of dating stories because I don’t date.  At all.  I don’t get asked out.  At all.  That’s a lie, creepy stalker ex neighbor did ask me out in January. 

My story happened about a long few years ago.  I was dating a guy, we call him “Nobody” and we were hanging out at his place one evening.  We had been dating for around five months.  I look over and he is Tinder texting someone.  I got a look at the user name and the picture.  When I got home later that night, I looked it up because the picture looked fake.  It was fake!  He was totally texting a bot.  I did the google reverse image search and the picture came up on a lot of fake accounts.  I got the last laugh on this one.  I mean, if you are going to be Tinder texting someone, do it while I’m not there.  I left right after I saw him texting as I figured that was more enjoyable for him.  I also didn’t see him again after that.  He texted me a few months later and apologized.  Said he had been busy with work and wanted to take me to a baseball game.  This was after he posted on Facebook trying to find a lady to go to the game with him and asking his friends to help him out.  Apparently, he had no takers and I was the backup plan.  I never responded to him.  And he sent me mean messages back telling me I was rude.  HOW ABOUT TINDER TEXTING SOMEONE WHILE HANGING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!?  Now, that’s rude.

Favorite love song?

Lana Del Ray – Love  -- because I don’t like love songs and this one is kinda creepy.

Favorite Celebrity Couple?

The Obamas

The best break up song…

I don't know?

If you had a perfect Valentine’s Day, what would you be doing?

I would have a pizza party with my friends.  We would all make different kinds of pizza and then eat chocolate.  We would also try out Valentine drink recipes.  Good ones with a lot of alcohol.  Probably watch some movies that have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.       


      1. Cute post. I loved reading your answers to these questions! And I wouldn't feel bad about never exchanging gifts with a s/o. Valentine's Day gifts can be expensive and who really thinks about it after the day of? I tend to see Valentine's Day as more of an excuse to give kids candy and fun gifts. I laugh when I see young men coming out of the store with flowers, balloons, and candy in their hands. Literally, all of it… You know they are broke after that. :)

      2. This was fun. Tinder texting during a date??