Thursday, February 8, 2018

writer's workshop: challenge

This is my baby boy, Peyton.  You've seen Peyton a few times on the blog.  He's a cute guy with an amazing personality.
Sixth Grade Academy has been a challenge for him and for me this year.
My daughter had no problems in this school.
Peyton has had nothing but problems.
He's been suspended from the bus twice, out of school suspension twice and three in school suspensions.  You must be thinking Peyton is terrible, right?!?
He's not horrible, he's just made horrible choices.  (not violent or threatening)  There was one suspension that I thought was unfair because nothing happened at school.  It happened at home and we punished him appropriately for that action and didn't need the schools input.
We tried to fight that one and decided it wasn't worth it.
We had a meeting at his school today with his teachers.
His behavior has approved.
We also might have discovered the root of the problem.
There are four elementary schools in the district.
Peyton attended the elementary school with a total enrollment of 300 students (Pre K to Fifth Grade), so around 15-20 per class. 
All of the other three have enrollments of over 650 students.
Those students have an easier  time switching over to schools with higher enrollments.
Peyton's school only had 30 students come over to sixth grade academy.
We were really spoiled in elementary school with extra teacher attention.
Peyton has made a plan for himself.  He said after he gets his daily classroom instruction and they go into quiet work time, he is allowed to go into the office to get his work done in a quiet environment where he can focus.
His math and English classes he does well in.  It's science and social sciences that he is struggling with not being able to do his work in class.
Hopefully, this works and he can do well.
The teachers even said he's the best kid when he has the attention of the teacher in the room. 
I know teachers cannot do that.
I hope our new plan works and this year will stop being such a challenge.


  1. I hope it works out for him. He sounds pretty mature, knowing what it will take and how to get there.

  2. They make allowances for special needs in colleges---like that giving him the office for quietness to focus. They also provide time for tests at colleges, aids like note-takers or tutors. The Lower level schools could do better I think.

  3. I hope it works out well for him too. Middle school is a tough transition for a lot of kids, for many of the reasons you mention.

  4. Glad to see he has a plan and things are improving!

  5. I feel so bad for kids who struggle with the school environment. It is such a huge focus and time commitment of their daily life. For that to be a negative carries a tremendous impact on overall well being. I hope things continue improving for Peyton.