Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bringing it Back Old School

Bringing it back to the Old School Blogging
Remember when blogs first started and we all filled out surveys and posted them. You got to know a lot about other people. This monthly blog link up is going to bring you back old school style. 
Here is how it works: a post will be made with the survey, questions or topic the link up will be about the week before the link up. Come back the next week and link up on the blog post. 
Our first old school blog is going with the Valentine’s Day theme since it’s coming up soon. Questions are random, so answer and enjoy. If you have some pictures to include; go ahead and do so.
1. When you were in elementary school, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Was it a big deal or not so much?
2. What has been your favorite gift you have received on Valentine’s Day?
3. Should Valentine’s Day even be celebrated?
4. Do you like to send Valentine’s Day cards?
5. Do you ever receive Valentine’s Day cards?
6. Do you think people spend too much on Valentine’s Day?
7. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?
8. What is your favorite movie with a love story?
9. Do you believe in “love at first sight”?
10. Tell us about your first crush!
11. Do you have a terrible dating story? Tell it!
12. Favorite love song?
13. Favorite Celebrity Couple?
14. The best break up song…
15. If you had a perfect Valentine’s Day, what would you be doing?

Come back on February 13th to link up!

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