Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What a Monday....

Peyton eating lunch in the broke down ghetto car.

Monday did not want to cooperate or be nice.  You can't blame the day of the week for things going awry, it's not Monday's fault or February's fault or even 2018's fault.  As human beings, I think we need to find fault somewhere for a bad day.

First off, my actual car.  The dealership is trying to void the warranty saying I didn't properly maintain my car and that the oil filter disintegrated and that's what caused the clog.  Well, we have pictures of an intact oil filter from the other mechanic.  They also said there are metal shards in the engine.  This is what they also said about my power steering pump, that I got a second opinion on and fixed at a different place.  The dealership is a scam and horrible and this isn't my first encounter with them.  I wish my car didn't have to be there to get fixed.  Now, I have to locate all the maintenance records for my vehicle from various places.  Sigh.  I knew the first guy I talked to there was too good to be true. 

Second, ghetto car got a flat tire.  I called for Roadside Assistance because it's free and it was 11 degrees out and I didn't want to change the tire.  The first guy shows up, he can't get the spare out of the trunk because it's frozen.  He's like, oh it happens a lot.  Okay cool.  I asked him if he could call me out a regular tow truck so I could get the car to the tire shop. He didn't.  He just left.  I had to call roadside assistance again.  They said two hours!  I told them to find another tow company to help us.  They did.  We waited an hour.  He shows up.  Approaches me and say "oh I only have one passenger seat,  I can't take both of you" and left!  The second tow truck left us there and said it wasn't his problem, it was my insurance company's fault.  The heat in the ghetto car doesn't work and by this time we were out there for three hours.  It was f---ing cold!  So cold!  Called Roadside Assistance again.  This time we got a tow truck with two seats.  He arrived in 25 minutes coming from all the way on the other side of Kansas City.  Had us get in his warm truck and got us to the tire shop in 20 minutes.  I had already called the tire shop and he was expecting us.  He's also a family friend, so that helps a lot.  He put the new tire on within 30 minutes.  He was telling other people they had to come back after 3 to get their tires done.  He had a huge wood burning stove in his shop and it was so warm.  One of the guys that works there was eating his lunch and he told us to pull up a chair and enjoy the fire.  I recommend this tire shop to anyone I can. 

Peyton and I made it home.  I called off work because I couldn't with the rest of the day.  I never call off work, I always plan my time accordingly.  I had incredible guilt for a minute because of this.  I called Peyton into school.  I mean the kid sat in a cold car for three hours.  We had lunch and relaxed after our ordeal.  If it wasn't so cold, it wouldn't have been bad.  It just would have been annoying.

Alli and I had Girl Scouts that night.  We had a super productive meeting.  We finished a badge, planned our next badge and planned our cupcake wars theme and date to bake our cupcakes.  I love the theme and can't wait to share it after the competition.  It's so good.  The girls did a great job.  Our next Girl Scout event coming up is Comic Con!  We've never been and it should be awesome.

After Girl Scouts, I had a coed scrimmage.  It went so well.  We only had 10 people to start and 8 by the time we ended it.  We played short and still killed the other team. 

Because Alli toughed out practice, I got her a taco bell nacho fries box.

I gave Tanner my debit card and told him to fill up his car with gas and he asked if he could get McDonalds.  I was like yes.  Get yoself that shakey shake.

I let him fill up his gas tank because I needed him to pick up Peyton today.  He agreed for the gas money.

I have practice with KCRW tonight and the amazing Annie Maul is coaching practice.  She did last weeks and it was amazing and so much fun.  She's a retired skater, but still one of the best of all times. 

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