Monday, March 2, 2020

March Goals

Hi friends!  Whoa!  Where did February go?!  That was one quick month!

I can tell ya, I didn't mark a thing off of my February goals list!  They were just the wrong goals for the month. It happens!  It doesn't mean I did absolutely nothing, I actually accomplished a lot!

So, March goals?!  

I signed up for two group fitness classes!  One of them started last night.  It was so much fun.  My goal is to attend every group fitness class this month (9 total) and look into the Fitness on Demand at the Rec Center.

Read some books.  I don't want to put a number on it, cause I might be disappointed in myself and I want to avoid that.

Try a new place to eat for my birthday!

Not worry about what others are doing.  Worry about what I'm doing and exceed my own expectations.

I still want to do a hike!!  

Start raising money for the Heroes Pull.  My goal is $200.  Check out the web page here.  It's such a cool event.

What are your goals?  


  1. Hey Morgan, come do a spring bucket list with us. We will share our lists on 03.21.2020. They can be as complicated or as simple as you like. You could even throw your March goal of eating at a new restaurant, reading a certain book on your bucket list! Lots of fun. Come join us!

    1. I'll definitely link up! Thank you for sharing it with me! I love reading other people's lists, I get excellent ideas from them!