Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Currently (8)

The first Wednesday of the month means it is time for the Currently Link Up!  Head on over to In Residence to join in the fun.


I've been able to choose lots of fruits at the grocery store lately!  I've been able to find Rainer Cherries, which are my fav.  I found Cherry Plums!  They are delicious!  Have you tried them?


A lot of candles!  If you are a Marshalls shopper, check the prices on the larger candles, I found quite a few that were the same price as the smaller versions.  I found a lava candle also, I know they were popular a while back, but I never picked one up.  Will be trying it out now though!


My cats as my coworkers?  I'm not sure on this one.  I enjoyed the long weekend road trip and am planning another for the end of this month.


I haven't really ordered anything lately.  I did buy the cat items from  That's all though.  I have some purchases to make from Amazon though for my daughters room.

and remembering.

That one time we went to Natchez Trace Parkway and I thought I was Anna Pigeon.

I've been to Cahokia too.


  1. We're just starting to have all kinds of good fruits come into season here - it's the best! Glad to hear you enjoyed the roadtrip and get to do another one :)

  2. Cherry Plums...hmm. Never heard of them but they sound yummy. I do like fruit:) Had a yellow cherry for the first time the other day at a friend's house. I had never heard of that either. Apparently I'm behind on my fruit knowledge!

  3. I love cherries, and did not know about cherry plums - will scout those out, for sure. I am with you on the candle consumption, but in smaller versions. And we are long overdue for a road trip - yours looks fun.

  4. How cool - I love those Nevada Barr books too! :)

    And cherry plums! I need to find those - I love plums so much.

  5. I haven't heard of cherry plums! I love cherries and plums though!

  6. Aw, your cat is so cute! I love candles! I need some Fall scents.


  7. Cherry plums and candles!! Can’t get enough of either!!!

  8. We have frozen peaches galore from our tree. And are enjoying them in smoothies and cobblers. Yum.
    Will look into the candles. Thanks for the heads up.