Friday, August 7, 2020

Happy Fri-yay!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

I'm not sure of my plans yet, but I definitely want to do some things around the house and go on a hike somewhere.  I have  few parks in the area on my list.

Some things that happened this past week:
  • Alli caught a guy trying to pay with a fake $20 and got praised at work.  This guy had done it to a few of the carhops, but now they have his picture from the security cameras.
  • We tried the new Chocolate Chip Biscuits and they were delicious.
  • I was refused change somewhere.  I wasn't even given the chance to give them exact change and/or pay with my card.  I was a bit shocked, but after ranting to myself for a moment, I let it go.
  • I got the doggos ice cream cones!  They were so happy!
  • I am down 3 lbs from my drs appt earlier this month.  I did weigh myself on my scale before going into the drs and they both had the same read out.  I am pretty confident.
  • My mom came over for lunch on Sunday.
  • I watched the Hoarders episode of Carol and it reminds me so much of a family situation, not the hoarding, but the actions of Carol.  I had to tell my mom to watch it.
  • I submitted my student loan recert,  I am on the PSLF and have to recert every year to make sure I am still eligible.  I am.  They have already processed it.
  • I went to Marshalls and found some new shirts, a skirt and candles.
  • I ran to the grocery store and passed one of my friends about five times before recognizing her because of the face masks.
  • I received a Federal Jury Duty summons.  My original summons was for April, but it was dismissed because of Covid.  Now, I'm on call all through September.  Honestly, I would love to serve on it.  
  • I updated my AT&T Uverse and Internet and got a better deal.  
  • I met up with a group of people and we cleaned out the storage closet at Memorial Hall.  It took us less than 2 hours and it looks 100% better.  We got rid of all the garage sale stuff that people just left there (none of us cleaning had anything to do with the event) and trash.  There was so much trash and broken items.  Next step is to get in there in and organize our stuff.  
  • I got a Sonic S'mores shake.  OMGoodness!  You must try it!
  • I had a Zoom call with three other derby folx on how to make derby more accessible for our community and what we can do in the community to improve it and ourselves.  
  • Last thing, I started rewatching the Twilight movies.  I've made it though the first one and halfway through the second one.  I have a Twilight story. :)
Twilight story:
Way back when I attended UMKC for undergrad, I had a group of people I would each lunch with each day.  They were also in my education classes.  We would sit at Einstein Bagels and chat.  One day, the youngest of our group was like "OMG!  I just read the best book ever, it's called Twilight!  It's going to blow up and be huge! Read it before it does!"  And yes, all the exclamation points are accurate.  We asked what it was about and she told us a brief summary.  I went out and got the book.  I read it and enjoyed it.  I picked up New Moon and read that and enjoyed it.  Eclipse had just been released, I read that one too.  THEN it blew up huge!  She was right.  When Breaking Dawn was released, I got that one and read it too.   
This is the same girl that got me to sign up for Facebook too, back when you had to have a college email to sign up.  
Car Rides are our favorite!


  1. Lots of bullets! Good going on Alli to catch the counterfeiter - way to pay attention!
    Your college friend seems to be good at predictions. What stocks is she buying now? ;

  2. Your girl who predicted the Twilight blowup seems pretty smart! Are you going to read the new one? Congrats on the 3 pounds! I need to lose 10!