Monday, August 10, 2020

Not Just a Mom: Back to School

HI all!  I am linking up with Dara from Not in Jersey.  The August subject is Back to School.  Whew! Who knew at the beginning of 2020, this is what August would look like.  There is so much debate and people shaming over the choices they are making for their children.  We are all doing our best and what we think is the best for our children.  Put yourself in the other persons shoes for a moment or if someone can't do that, maybe they should just mind their own business.  It hurts my heart that people can be so mean and cruel when most humans are just trying to do their best.

So, here are our Back To School Plans:

My oldest son, Tanner, doesn't have to mess with the Back To School plans!  He graduated in 2018 and is in the military and loving it.  When he gets back from his deployment, he does plan on taking some classes at the community college and see where that takes him, so maybe next year, I'll be doing a back to school for him!

My daughter, Alli, has opted for Distanced Learning the first semester.  My children are in high school and I allowed them to make the choice on how they want to learn.  We haven't gotten a plan from the school yet, they stated they would be emailing it today.  She asked yesterday if she would get school pictures and I said she would regardless of if it's at the school or we need to get someone to take them.  I am lucky that Alli is older and I will be working from home a majority of the time.  I am also looking into her taking some college courses and her ACTs in the spring.  Her English class already counts towards college credit  this year! yay!  What ACT Study prep books do you recommend?  She is still wanting to go to college in the dental field (Dentist!)  We are getting info from colleges that have amazing dental schools and we didn't even request it.  We manifested it..somehow. :)

My youngest son, Peyton, will be going back to school in person.  I will most likely take him to school in the morning and he will ride the bus home.  They will be having in person school 2-3 days per week and online learning for two days.  Peyton admitted to himself that HE needs to be in school or he will not do well this year.  Who would have thunk his first year of high school would be like this?  Ugh.  It's stressing me a bit.  He does want to play baseball in the spring and I think that will be v good for him.

I haven't done school shopping yet.  I am going to stock up on spiral notebooks, pens and pencils.  I have plenty of water bottles and we already have a ton of backpacks.  I will get some index cards and highlighters.  Other than that, we don't need much this year.  The school supply lists always get shorter as the years go on.  I am not sad about that.

School does not start until after Labor Day.  I know the kids are happy with extra vacation days.  (you know, since MARCH!)


  1. This is a rough start for parents of school kids. I totally understand Peyton's view and bet that a lot of others share it. I just have one "school kid" left, but he's in college. Most of his classes are in person, and he has a couple of online. Finger's crossed.
    P.S. this is the book I use for ACT tutoring. It's not great, but it's about the best available since it has actual ACT tests for practice. has more stuff under the "test prep" tab.

  2. I was glad that my high school student was able to make that choice for himself too.

  3. Sounds like each of your kids chose smartly for themselves. I wish them both luck! I added Simon's school supply list to my Walmart order - he needs so much stuff! It's crazy!

  4. I love that you let your kids choose based off what they thought was right for them. Best of luck to them this year!!