Thursday, August 6, 2020

What's To Eat?

I wanted to share a few things I've been making lately.  I feel v stuck in a food rut right now, but am trying to get out of it.  

But first, a story....
I took this picture at a park.  It was outside the restroom (normal flushing toilet, thank goodness).  The restroom my daughter was stuck in because the lock wouldn't turn to unlock.  We tried to get her out of the window, but that was stuck too.  She kept trying to turn the lock.  She finally kicked it.  It unlocked and she was no longer stuck in a state park bathroom.  

A sweet find!  Chocolate chip sweet biscuits!  They are new and I found them at Walmart Grocery.  They were a hit with the kids and they said they rather have those then regular cinnamon rolls.  I will have to pick them up again some time.

Chicken, Taco Seasoning and an Instapot can be turned into two easy meals:  Chicken Enchiladas and Ugly Soup (it's actually called Chicken Tortilla Soup, but it's ugly, just look at the pic below)

I put five chicken breasts, water and taco seasoning into the Instapot.  I did high pressure for 26 minutes, that way the chicken would easily shred apart.  After it's done Instapotting, shred the chicken and separate about half out and leave the other half with the broth in the pot.

Meal One: Chicken Enchiladas
For the inside of the enchiladas, I use the shredded chicken, shredded cheese (I used Quesadilla cheese this time around), cream cheese and garlic powder.  You mix all of that up and put it into the tortilla and roll it up.  Before placing them in the pan, you do want to put the red enchilada sauce on the bottom.
After they are all rolled up, you put the red enchilada sauce on top and your choice of cheese.  I like the fiesta variety.  Make sure to put foil on or the cheese will burn.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.  
We had our enchiladas with chips and guac.

The second recipe is my younger son's favorite soup!
It's super easy.
You just add these cans of food to the Instapot with shredded chicken and broth.
I added frozen regular corn in here also.
I put the Instapot on slow cooker mode for four hours and it was good to go for dinner time.
Peyton likes his ugly soup, just ugly.
I like to add some cheese into mine.  The next day, I made an ugly soup roll up.  
I just drained off the sauces.
See, it's so ugly!  But so delicious!
Monday night, I did a quick Aldi's run because I wasn't sure about the rest of the week.  Here is what I came up with!
Butter Chicken with Naan bread.  Super easy to make!  Put four chicken breasts in with the Butter Chicken Sauce.  Put it all in the crockpot for four hours on high.  Naan bread can be heated up in the oven.  I've never tried the garlic variety, so I'm excited to try that.  That was for Wednesday night.

Thursday night will be Tomato Tortellini Soup.
It's another you can stick in the crockpot or make on the stove.  Either way, it's delicious.
Here is what you need:
Package of Cheese Tortellini
Tomato Soup, I got three small cans at Aldi.
2 cups of chicken or veggie broth, either work.
2 cups of milk
onion powder, garlic powder, basil and salt to taste.  I have an Italian Spice that I like to throw in mine.  
Mozzarella and Parm cheese to top it!

Throw everything in and heat it up!  Make sure the tortellini are completely cooked through if you are making it on the stove.

I'll make a bread to go with it.

I've done a few desserts.  
Fruit and Chocolate -- an easy, but delicious one!

I got bored and made a bundt cake.
What has been on your menu?  I need ideas!  HALP!


  1. Yup my mouth is watering- these dishes sound amazing! Glad your little girl is no longer stuck! :)