Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17th

All my trees are on fire!
Not really.
Just me up, as the sun is rising, because my daughter missed the bus...again.
It's pretty though.
And she's at school. So, that's that.
I get in my car to go to work and can't find my keys and key card for the office.
I freak out.  I run back into the house...nope, not there.
Check all through my car...nope, not there either.
Mini panic attack time.
Our normal earlier than she needs to be person has the day off so I have to be there, on time, to get the door open, because everyone else shows up late.
Sigh, I get to work.
I get one of the Children's Division workers to let me in the door.
I call security to get me in my office door.
But, thank goodness, the people who normally show up late, were on time!
I was saved.
And my keys were sitting on my desk.
Yep, totally did that.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Haven't done that with my keys, but definitely with my phone. So frustrating!

  2. Finding them on your desk is exactly something I would do too! Glad you found them!

  3. Keys don't seem to be anywhere around when you need them. I think we all have stories to tell. I would have been stressed in your situation. Glad you found them!