Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15th: MADE Nationals

MADE Nationals, sigh.

We ended up in second place.  We beat the team that won first place.  Figure that one out.

If you know me, I am not a poor loser.  Oh course I am sad and what not, but if you beat my team fairly, then I’ll just have to move on and get over it.

Sunday morning, my team went into our fourth game 3-0.

We played an extremely tough team and lost fairly.  Our loss was because they were the better team that morning.

So now, our record was tied with South Jersey and Arlington.

South Jersey brought in USARS players from Chicago to field four spots on their team.  Which is all fine and dandy, we beat them with those players.

So here is what it was going to come down to points.  Not point spread but total accumulative points.

This was not going to work unless they took out the scores from the eliminated teams as we did not get to play one of them.

They did eliminate the score from the Hell on Wheels and LeFlore County teams.  So those games were pretty much null and void.  If we would have known that was going to happen, we would not have run the score up on HOW.  That’s not how we do things. 

DC Secret Cervix was beat by Arlington.

South Jersey beat Hell on Wheels.

South Jersey did not want to play their last game against Secret Cervix and just declare themselves winners.  Cervix was not having any of that.  Cervix wanted to play the last game to make it fair.  Like I said before, Cervix is one class act.  They believe in the fairness of the rules.

One of South Jersey’s Chicago players got a concussion in their game against Hell on Wheels.  She was walking around with sunglasses stating the world hurt.

The Cervix takes the track against South Jersey.  The score is super close the entire game.  In the fourth quarter, South Jersey has their concussed player take the track.  Three jams in a row, because Cervix calls a time out and points this out to the refs.  She was removed from the game, but it did effect game play.  Her chasing the jammer down caused the jammer to call off each of those jams.  While no points were scored for either team, it did change game play.

South Jersey ends up taking the win 59-56. 

South Jersey took the trophy.

Next year, we will return and take the trophy back.  FAIRLY AND WITH OUR OWN PLAYERS.  While I know they are proud of their victory, I am proud of my team for player with our players and playing the game according to the rules.

I don’t think I explained things very well, so I am just going to stop now.

Congrats, South Jersey, on your win.

And I’m glad I made new friends from DC and they rock the track.  I cannot wait to play against them again!

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