Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 3rd

Good Morning, Sunshines
(or whatever time of day it might be for you)
Look at my view.
Overcast, heavy with rain.
Kinda cool but not bad for a November day.
How's your view today?

Throwing it back one year on this Thursday.
The Royals had won the World Series against the Mets.
We celebrated with the Parade.
It was amazing.
Last November was amazing.
The next day, I would be going to California
and have a super busy and so much fun five days.
Disneyland, California Adventure, 49ers Game (that they actually won),
lots of time spent together.
I want last November back or some resemblance of it.
I need conversations that are conversations.
I need excitement.
I need things back.
I'm holding out a small amount of hope for that.


  1. Here's hoping that some of that last-November feeling gets back to you, even on an overcast day.