Friday, June 9, 2017

It's Fri-Yay!

Happy Friday friends! 

We made it back from vacation on Sunday.  The kids had their step sister and brother spend the night on Sunday. (Their dads wife's children)  I was exhausted!  They had fun though. They played outside and hung out for a while.  When I got up to go to work, they were all passed out in the bedrooms.  The boys were the cutest, I should have taken a picture.

Monday it was back to work.  With almost two weeks off, I thought it would be more difficult.  I have actually been early to work every day this week.  I guess I like my job a little.
The office has been super busy.  Monday and Tuesday a majority of the people needing assistance did not speak English.  It was difficult, but we made it through.  The phones to get people on for their interviews have been slow.  We've even received emails about it, which has never happened before.  June is a busy month for Food Stamps with the Fourth of July holiday coming up. 
The southern part of the state has been declared a Federal Disaster because of all the flooding.  Thursday, we had a training involving the D-FS program.  It will be announced publicly soon and people will be allowed to apply for disaster food stamps.  They only have a week to do so and there are different guidelines and only for the specified counties.  I don't work in one of those counties but all of us had to take the training.  I'm sure we will be asked to assist in processing the applications as there is a three day turn around.  I hope it all goes well, but I had a feeling there will be a big increase in the fraud situation and honestly, there is not much we can do about it.

For coed derbies, I have to make my eight hours of attendance.  I knocked out four hours this week and still have enough practices coming up to make the last four.  Wednesday, we had pictures.  When I got home from practice, I checked my Facebook and the photographer left this on my page.  I'm not silly, I promise. :)  That's almost my whole team.  We are only missing two.  Following pictures, we scrimmaged.  Our team is really coming together.  Five of our teammies are brand new, for four of them this is this first team, so you can imagine the work we have been having to do.
My washer decided to go kaput while we were on vacation.  I need to find someone to come fix it.  It will fill with water, but it won't start agitating.  I think some sort of relay is not working.  Maybe I can YouTube it? :)  Anyway, I had to spend about a half an hour washing clothes at the laundry mat.  I did take them home to dry though, my dryer still works perfectly.  I gotta save my quarters.

I've been watching a lot of ER lately.  I loved this show the first time I watched it and still love it.  It is amazing how far medical technology has come in these years.  I just watched the episodes when Lucy and Carter get stabbed by the psychiatric patient and Lucy dies and Carter develops problems.  The channel that has them doesn't do a good job of playing them in order though, I think the rest I have recorded go back before those episodes.  I enjoy Chicago Med and Code Black also but they are not on right now.
Alli had an orthodontist appointment this morning and she was told her teeth are always so clean.  I wonder if they see a lot of dirty teeth in there.  Her appointment lasted a whole fifteen minutes.  I got her breakfast and dropped her off at her dads house for the day.  He's working but her stepmom is home.  The girls are going to the pool and the boys are going to Oceans and Worlds of Fun.  One of the security guards at my work got a Garmin Vivo fit from some thing they have to participate in.  It's the newest, up to date one and he gave it to Peyton.  Peyton's already trying to figure out how to use it.

Tonight is a housewarming party for one of my coed teammates.  I'm catching a ride with a few friends since he lives out in Lawrence and it's a little bit of drive.  This weekend, I'm going to work on my yard and maybe get those lights hung up on my porch and work on school.  I want to finish my Chem II Labs class and Science Learning and Teaching class.  Then I will be done for the semester.  YAY!

What are you doing this weekend?

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