Monday, June 12, 2017

yellowstone: the montana side

The northern entrance of Yellowstone is located in Montana.  We drove north on one of adventures through the park.  Tanner wanted to visit Montana, so that is what we did.  
We only took one picture in Montana.  That's it.  The Boiling River is behind us.  The Boiling River is the only river you can swim in Yellowstone.  I was so hoping it would be open when we were there.  It wasn't.  It was closed because of how high the river was.  You can see how high it was from the background of the picture.  I was still bummed when I saw the trail closed.  

We ate lunch and then headed off to Mammoth Springs.  

So my second time in Montana is pretty much the same as my first trip to Montana.  We can check that state off our list.

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