Monday, January 1, 2018

It's January!

January!  It’s January!  2017 is over and we get to begin a whole new year!  Did you set some goals for the new year?  Are they going to survive past January 15th?  How did you do with your goals last year?  Did you succeed?  Did you fail?  Are you being honest with yourself here?  It’s okay if you didn’t accomplish everything.  Goals are hard.  They give us something to work for though.  What are some of your accomplishments in 2017? 
Anyway, let’s talk about January.  January is cold but there are lots of unusual type holidays that we can take a look at.  Maybe celebrate a few or sound like you are knowledgeable in holidays of the different sort.

January is Soup Month!  Blogging ideas:  “Soup of the Week”  Soups my favorite, so I can get into this one. 

In January, you can celebrate “Get Organized” month.  #goals

Like Oatmeal?  January is your month then.  January is creativity month.  It’s also Balance Your Life month.  Get yo brain working with Brainteasers to celebrate.

January 1st is Weigh In day!  Why, oh, why?!?  Torture yourself a little more, why dontcha! 

I can get around January 3rd being the Festival of Sleep day!

On January 8th, you should clean off your desk!  Make it clean!  Organize!  It’s also bubble bath day, so when you are finished stressing over the desk, take a bath.

January 13th is Rubber Duckie Day!  Who would have thunk it?!?  On the 14th, Dress up your pet and take pictures!  I’m sure there is a hashtag for it!

January 16th is Nothing Day!  It’s been celebrated since 1973 and it’s completely pointless!

Eat all the popcorn you want on January 19th!  It’s Popcorn Day!  January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day!  Learn all about the penguins or visit your local zoo to view the cold climate wonders.

January 27th!  Chocolate Cake Day!  Let us eat cake!

On the 29th, do that puzzle you’ve had stored away.

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Which days will you be celebrating?  The sleep and bubble bath ones look good to me!

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  1. Wow, who knew?! Soup, baths, sleeping, penguins... go January! Happy New Year, Morgan!