Thursday, January 4, 2018

writers workshop: reviewing the goals from 2017

Here is my goal post from 2017:

Finish Chemistry by the end of January. -- I did this!  Now, I just have to finish Chemistry 2 by the end of this January!
Become a Roller Warrior. Yep, joining another league. -- I did this too!  I am a Victory Vixen with the Kansas City Roller Warriors.
Eat better. -- HAHAHAHA!
Post more often.  I have ideas, yo. All the ideas.  -- I did okay with this.  I had times where I sucked at it though.
Take an awesome fam vacay to South Dakota/Wyoming. -- IT was amazing and AWESOME!
Finish my Master's by December. --  Nope, but will be done in the next few months.
Get the car fixed -- Yep!

Here are my goals for 2018:

How did your goals shape up for 2017?
Did you accomplish all the things?


  1. Good goal list (I read those for 2018)

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  3. Wow! You accomplished a lot this past year! Way to go :)

  4. You got a lot of your goals completed this year, Morgan! Congrats! I do love your remark about eating better, though. lol. I'm right there with you. I also need to post more often. Hopefully I'll be able to find some balance in my life to accomplish that this year.

    Best of luck with your 2018 goals! I hope you are able to accomplish even more than you did last year! :)

  5. Sadly, I'm not good at making goals, but good for you for accomplishing so much! Looking forward to checking out your goals for the coming year! One of mine is being better at blogging!