Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Because you haven't seen the cats in a while.....

Here is my creek!  It's so lovely frozen.  The sound is delightful and it's fun to see the water rushing beneath it.

Here is my Maggie cuddle bug.  Putting herself front and center on my bed, because why would I want to see in my spot.

Here is Fred.  He has taken over my old cat Jewel's bed.  She passed away sometime last year.  I found the bed going through things, washed it up and it's his new favorite place.  He's almost too big for it.  Don't mind my books and a basket of socks.  That's life.

And Kibben.  Kibben who likes to swat at my head when I pass by.  He would not face the camera for me.  He's such a butt, but so cuddly and loving.  I was sitting on the couch, hanging with my Peyton the other night and I went to move and I didn't even notice it was Kibben on my lap.  I felt bad for moving.  He's a good little guy.

And another creek picture.  My daughter is across the creek.  She's the reason I went down there because she said it looked so cool.

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