Friday, January 25, 2019

Who are YOU in the Zoo?

My manager sent us all a personality test to take so we could discuss at our next conference call.  You pick the words that best describe you to get what animal you are.

My results ended in the Lion being my top one by far followed by the Otter.

The Lion is competitive, decisive, adventurous, goal driven, leader, not conversational (I don’t agree with this one, I can talk an ear off sometimes), problem solver and bottom line.

Strengths:  Visionary, practical, productive, independent, decisive, strong-willed

Perceptions:  Cold, domineering, unemotional, unforgiving, sarcastic and cruel

Until you get to know me, I’m sure those perceptions could be true. 
What's your personality type?
Also, do you need a good laugh?  I found these floating around somewhere and could not stop laughing!

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