Friday, January 18, 2019

New Football field?

On the weekends, I am up before my alarm and up early even when I do not set an alarm.
During the week though, I just don't want to get up.  My bed is snuggly and my cats are too.  I actually wake up around 5:30.

Fridays mean I have to wear my Christmas Cat Sweatshirt.  I was told if I don't wear it the Chiefs will for sure lose.  I wore it. (And they had a heartbreaking loss :( )

The school district I live in is having a Bond Vote.  It will not increase taxes.  It will provide for a new middle school while preserving the historic auditorium and gym.  The middle school needs revamping like no ones business.  It will also build a new district athletic center.  That means a new football stadium and track.  It's not bad now, but it's not good and up to date like the other ones around.  I believe they are doing a few more things with it, but those are the big ones.
Everyone in the district has been getting emails, text and phone calls about it every day for about two months.  It's driving me bonkers.  I voted!  Okay?!  Now, leave me alone pls!!

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