Wednesday, January 23, 2019

From the *big* snow storm

A week or two ago, I don't know how long, time blends together, we had a snow event.  It was beautiful.  It was so clean and pretty.  The kids and I had plenty of food in the house and kept ourselves busy watching movies, catching up on the DVR and reading.

What do you like to do when you are "snowed in"?
I wasn't actually snowed in, I didn't have a problem getting to work when I had to leave, but it was a nice thought.
My trees.  One of them ended up falling a bit. 
Neighbors yard,  the creek is in the background, that's after it leaves my property and turns to the south. 
My front yard. 
My neighbors tree that has taken over part of my front yard. 
The entrance to Narnia. It just needs one of the lamp posts with a kerosene lamp.  This is at the end of my drive before I turn to go up the hill. 
My neighbors car was under a tree.  They never move their vehicles anyway. 
The Creek before it froze.  The temps were not terrible during this storm. 
The creek! So pretty! 
The side of my property across the creek!  All there is, is snow! 
My other neighbors tree caught on fire from the electrical lines.  We called the Fire Department because it had actually gotten pretty big, but it ended up burning itself out.  Thank goodness.  It did smolder for a while and the branches eventually fell to the ground.  We didn't lose electricity during that incident though. 

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  1. I love it when it snows all softly like this with no wind. So pretty! I'll skip the electrical line fires, however...