Sunday, January 20, 2019

Late Holiday Party

I am so bad about taking pictures at parties and events. I got three the whole evening for the Sheilas Holiday Party.  We did a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Some of them were hilarious and others were very useful.  I ended up getting a black purse with red trim.  Someone's mom had gotten it for them in Europe and she just doesn't use purses.  I looked up this purse online and it was around $120.  Bananas!  I made out like a bandit.  It was perfect timing also, my current purse was falling apart and was starting to get a few holes.  I've now changed over and it's so pretty.
Someone made Red Velvet Cakes using a skull pan!  They turned out so pretty!

And it was an appetizer party!  Every was good.  I love goat cheese and someone brought some with cranberry.  There was also deer meat and cheese that paired perfectly.
I brought a pickle dip.  People keep asking me for the recipe and I keep forgetting to put it out on the Book of Face.
But here it is:
Jar of Whole Kosher Pickles (Chopped Up)
Two bricks of cream cheese.
An 8 oz container of sour cream.
Dill Weed
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Pickle Juice

I start by mixing the cream cheese and sour cream together into a nice smooth texture.  I add the pickle juice and try it out until it's enough.

I add the three spices to taste.

Last, but not least, I add chopped up pickles.

Goes perfectly with Wavy Potato Chips and any kind of cracker and veggies of all sorts!

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