Monday, April 8, 2019

Blogging From A to Z: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese.  Almost anyone can make this sandwich.  Even if you only know how to make ramen noodles and bake a pizza.

It has a base.  The base is butter and bread, toasted ever so golden on a cast iron (or regular) skillet.  I prefer cast iron for all the things.

What are we missing?  Oh, the cheese.  What kind of cheese though?  So many to pick from.  My go to cheese on the sandwich is provolone.    But here are few that come in a close runner up:  Goat Cheese (I love goat cheese so much!), Havarti and Colby Jack.  Which cheese do you prefer?  We don't do American cheese, because it's a piece of plastic.

Besides the bread, cheese and butter, what else do you put on yours?  I will occasionally add some bacon and apples.  Sometimes at the same time, sometimes not.   Ham is also yum on it.  And avocado.   


  1. Mmm... who doesn't love grilled cheese?
    I'm with you, coated with butter and grilled on cast iron. I usually do cheddar, but I'm gonna do the goat cheese now!

  2. Grilled Cheese is awesome. I don't mind it with American cheese but it has to be the delue which is much better than the regular. provolone or colby or for that matter Meunster or excellent as well. Have you ever tried one with tomato or bacon? yum!

  3. Oh yum! One of my favorite cheeses for cooking is Gruyères, one of the Swiss ones :-)

  4. Most definitely adding sliced dill pickles to mine!

    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations

  5. Oh, oh I'm trying to remember someone (was it, Jamie Oliver, no maybe not... ) it was on the TV said the best cheese toastie was with white bread as it helped with the flavours of the cheese. I thought this was interesting as I am programmed always to choose brown bread!
    Yes please on the Avo! Your's looks yum!
    Wren x

  6. Brings back lots of memories of childhood when grilled cheese (yes, Velvetta!) sandwiches made with real butter; and on the side, tomato soup - Campbells, of course! Somehow, anything other than yellow cheese doesn't quite sound like a grilled cheese sandwich.
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  7. I love eating grilled cheese made with non-traditional cheeses. I'll have to try grilled cheese made with provolone. I'm not sure I could do goat cheese though. I like eating grilled cheese made with swiss cheese and tomato. Yum!