Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Today I’m  linking up with Anne In Residence for her Currently link up. April’s prompt words are: experiencing, appreciating, wishlisting, posting, and considering.

Working in different offices.  I love seeing how the other offices function. It makes me want to work in another office. 
The first signs of Spring!  It's warm during the day and the night still has that chill.  And the storms.  I love the storms.
A coworker gave me tickets to the Royals Game with a parking pass.  I appreciate her.
My children for behaving.
All the baking and cooking I've been doing for the A to Z Challenge.
Friday night movies at home
A new fridge
Kitchen Table.

A to Z Challenge Posts
Normal, everyday life posts.

Returning my library books before the due date. :)
A weekend Oklahoma trip.


  1. Yay for library books being returned early and Friday night movies!!!

  2. Currently April, haha, as we are friends on Facebook you may have seen today's "spring weather" we're experiencing. What's all that white stuff coming down?

  3. Dara! Me too! They are so much fun!

    Tamara! I saw your pictures this morning! How crazy! We had snow flurries last Saturday but it didn't result in anything. Thank goodness! Stay safe and warm!

    Sarita! Thank you for stopping by! I normally pay a few cents in library fines each time because I forget to renew. :)