Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Girl Scouts: Just Breathe Part 2

I'm not a huge fan of the Girl Scout Journeys.  In fact, I was super upset when they changed the whole program 5 years ago.  I liked Girl Scouts how it was.  They now offer less badges and they have the "Journey" books.  They have also eliminated a lot of the outdoor badges.  Boo.
I try to make it fun.  Because boring Girl Scouts is boring and it doesn't keep girls interested.
Tonight, we did a few things that went along with the Breathe Journey and it had to do with smelly things.
The girls went around smelling good things. 
Then they talked about bad smells, like middle school boys.  They are apparently really bad. 
We also made some lotion with rose water and lime juice.  The girls were obsessed.  Obvious success.  I do alright sometimes.

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