Friday, November 20, 2015

Ten Random Facts about Me!

I did this post before.  On my old blog.  Most of it doesn't even apply to me anymore.  Random facts are hard.  I don't know what people know or don't know about me.  Of course, I can just say whatever is in my head.

1.  I decided I liked Meg Meyer's music because of the song "Poison".  She has a pretty hilarious Instagram account also. Reason for this random fact: totally am listening to it right now.

2. My middle name is the same as both of my grandmothers.

3. I have a problem with reality tv.  Yes, I love it.  Big Brother is still my number one.  Gotta love the Amazing Race and Survivor though. 

4. I have a degree in Secondary Education, but work for the State of Missouri.  Yep, going to change that.

5. I love all the holiday haz.  You've been warned.

6.  Oh, here's a random most people don't know.  I founded the Kansas City/Gladstone Chapter of the MOMS Club.  I was bored.  I needed other people to do things with.  Now, I am a lifetime member that doesn't have to pay the fees. I know one person who is still in the club.  Otherwise, I'm just this random person on the group who hasn't been on the website in over a year.

7. My cat is fat.

8.  My kids are the most amazing.  (I was going to say they are more amazing than yours, but that seemed kinda mean)

9.  I have the best Mike that's out there.  I know you are already jealous.  I get it, I would be too.

10.  This is suppose to be 20 random facts, but I couldn't do it.  So, now it's just 10.  You're welcome.

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