Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankfulness and Gratitude: Week Three

Third week.  So happy I didn't do this daily.  It would have been a total fail.  Maybe I should be thankful for some things failing.  If they didn't fail, other things wouldn't happen.  I'm talking completely about myself right now.  Not others.  I'm sure others can identify with this.

I am thankful this week that I was able to clean out half of my shed.  I would have been more thankful if I could have gotten the rest of it done. 

I am thankful for my children.  Even when my mini meltdown occurs because of them.  I got over it pretty quickly, it just showed me I can't always handle everything.  I have feelings guys and sometimes they come out like that.  Apologies all around.  Sincere ones too.

I am thankful and grateful for my Mike.  Yes, I completely claim him. <3 So many ways.  So many news ways every single day.  A lot today.  Like a whole lot. 

I am thankful for chiropractors.  Yep.  What I thought was my shoulder hurting was actually a rib.  Opps.  Ribs back in place, just in time to scrimmage with the new girls.  Dang, they are good.  I am thankful that draft night is Saturday and I will get to meet my new teammates for the Sheilas and Usual Suspects.  Oh, and I thought of a great and wonderful idea after someone borrowed my tank top.  Someone is going to love it.  I got this. 

I am grateful for my mom.  She does so much for me and she doesn't need to. 

My old supervisor made me a gold name thing for my cup.  I love it.  I was wondering why she asked me what color went with blue that I really like.  I'm grateful for that.  She says she does things like that to make people smile.  Totally made me smile.

I am thankful that there are a few good people left in the world. 

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