Monday, November 16, 2015

I got to visit my Mikey and I keep describing it as magical. (not because we went to Disneyland, that was only part of the reason)  It was really truly magical and such a wonderful time.  I didn't want to leave.  It was hard.  Really hard.  I can't wait to go back.  I can see myself living there.
My plane finally arrived in LA around midnight.  I slept a little.  Woke up right over Las Vegas.  A big bright light in the middle of nothing.  Nothing, nothing, nothing, than lights everywhere.  LA is huge!  I didn't realize how big it actually is.  Got off the plane, headed down the escalator.  Did a little jump of excitement on the escalator when I saw Mike.  I, seriously, have never been that excited to see someone.  It was involuntary and just happened.  It had been 38 days!  That's a long time, guys!  Really long!  Like, I might have even started tearing up writing that.  Ugh!  I missed him.  A lot.  More than I can put into words.  Back to hotel.  Anyway.
Rewind many years ago, like lots of years ago.  When I was a young person, very young person.  I went to Disneyland.  I don't remember a whole lot.  The darkness of Space Mountain.  The smallness of the Submarines. The pirates hanging out of the windows. Having to leave early because someone got sick.  I was really upset.  I must have been having a lot of fun.
Fast-forward to the next morning.  I went to Disneyland again.  With the most handsome, wonderful and amazing boyfriend.  This time, amazing memories were made and I wasn't pulled away crying and upset.  We stayed the whole day.  The WHOLE day!  I loved every minute of it.  From the moment we woke up! Until the time we passed out in the bed.
We got there around nine in the morning.  It wasn't too busy.  Grabbed a fast pass.  Rode Big Thunder Mountain and got squished.  It's okay though, I like getting squished by my Mikey.  Perfectly acceptable.  We did almost all the things that were open (Jungle Cruise and Space Mountain weren't).  Sometimes twice or three times for one.  We did Fantasyland all at once and it was super cute.  I enjoyed all the rides.  I will remember how fun Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is.  That was really important to my mom.  I might have been a little too excited to ride it.  Found Princess Aurora for my sister and niece.  She was in the parade.  Made it easy.  Mike had to get the picture for me.  Because I'm short.  We got to once again experience the smallness of the submarines.  I miss all the scuba divers and mermaids from before.  It was cute though.  We got wet on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Splash Mountain at night. Loved!  I looked into the eye on Indiana Jones (sorry guys!)  The Haunted Mansion was Christmas-fied and it was amazing!  It's a Small World was bright and shiny!  All the bright and shiny!  Mike's fav. :) Star Tours was fun!  It was a bumpy ride!  That's where we used our first fast pass.  Everything was so pretty in the dark.  We left Disneyland around 11 pm.  Completely passed out when we got back.  I have amazing memories of Disneyland now.  I appreciate Mike for making that happen for me.  I appreciate him in all the ways.
The next day we went to California Adventure.  We got there around 11 am and the fast pass for cars was at 5:20 pm.  We did a lot that day too!  Front seat of California Screamin', it made my eyes water so bad!  We rode that twice.  The second time we fast passed it.  That line was not a fun one to wait in before.  We did the Toy Story game/ride three times!  SO. MUCH. FUN.  That line was long, but it wasn't bad.  The last time in line, we played a game.  I can't remember what it was called.  It was fun haz!  Mike rode the Ferris Wheel for me. I appreciated that.   You could see so much from up there.  We got wet at the Grizzly River Run (fast pass for that one too).  We were with a fun group of people and it made it even better.  We got stuck for a minute in the Under the Sea room of The Little Mermaid ride.  Omg! No!  We did a few other little rides there.  The Cars ride was so much fun!  The line for it was 2 hours. (I think) But we only waited about 10 minutes or so.  After we got off that, we left.  We had a long drive ahead of us.
I drove part of the way.  I saw a lot of the meteors that night.  It was distracting.  I'm not sure what time we made it back to the city.
49ers Game on Sunday!  They won!  Like I said they were going to!  It was such a fun tailgate and game!  The sushi and wings (problem with that?) were both yummy.  The sushi much more.  I held a Super Bowl ring, that sucker was heavy.  It was just amazing going to the game with him.  It was drizzling rain on and off, but not bad.  I can't wait to go to another game.  I know the kids will love it also!
We passed out that night.  Like at 7 pm.  We had done so much that weekend.   
The rest of the week, we did San Francisco things.  I loved every bit of it.  We walked to Giants Stadium and across the street to a little beer garden.  Giants Stadium is beautiful.  It will be so much fun to go to a game there.  Had some yummy food at that little beer garden.  I remembered to take some pictures (I seriously failed at picture taking!) We ate dinner at a cute place in the same building of where we stayed.  I saw THAT bridge!  We drove around to it and went through the other part of the city.  We walked down the Ghiradelli and had ice cream.  I took a picture of Alcatraz for my daughter.  That place is saved for another trip.  All three kids wants to go there.  How does that even happen?  We saw the Sea Meow Meows.  So flipping funny!  Walked through the market pier.  Walked back.  Lots of walking.  I liked it.  A lot. 
Mike showed me around Martinez the day I left.  He showed me all the things.  The important things.  I appreciated that.  I like it there.  A lot.
I know I could write a lot more.  But I'm going to stop now.  One: I know you are tired of reading it.  Two: Sometimes I babble on and on.  Three: It's making me miss him more than I already do.  It took me this long to write in the first place. 

First time we went, I didn't get wet at all.  Second time, all the wet haz.
And it looks like I was trying to gran that kid.
Pickles and Canadian Bacon.  Mike said "Why not?"
I know, we are so adorable.  Don't be jealous.
Oh, hey, Mr. Toad.
Teacups.  Teacups.  Dizzy.
It's a Small, Bright, Christmasy World.  Mike's Favorite. :)
Toy Story!  So much fun! 
The scary Ferris Wheel!
Another most adorable picture.
A room with a view!

Look how pretty that is!  Can't wait to go to a game there.
THAT one bridge!
That's my seagull friend.
There's my hot date.  No wonder the ice cream melted so fast.
We didn't save any.
The cutest, funniest, sea meow meows
I enjoy this haz.  Sneaky picture.
I really didn't want to go home.

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