Thursday, November 19, 2015

TBT: Most Embarassing Moment Ever...

You would think my most embarrassing moment would be when I was jumping around and peed my pants in public or when I fell up the stairs in front of people, but it’s not….

My most embarrassing moment took place in the summer of ’95.  I had just finished 7th grade. I was on a mission trip with my childhood church. We went to Red Bird Mission, deep in the Appalachians.  It was beautiful and serene and I am still waiting for the day when I can return.  Even thought I don’t actively participate in a church or organized religion, I still believe that the Red Bird Mission is a great cause and I was deeply impacted by visiting.
Anyway, to my story. Red Bird Mission has a K-12 school. Some of their students live too far away to commute daily to the school. Therefore, the Mission has dorms.  One of our jobs while we were there was to repaint the bathrooms in the boy’s dorm room. (And you boys are dirty! It was not fun scraping the rust off the dividing walls of the stalls because you couldn’t aim) the first thing we did was scrap all the paint. That morning, we had tackled the lower parts of the walls. After lunch time, we needed to do the upper walls.  I was the first one to arrive back.  I got on top of the nasty boys toilet and began scraping the paint.  When I had finished that spot, I stepped back to get off the toilet.  I failed to remember that there was no lid on said toilet.  I stepped right into the nasty toilet.  I thought I was still alone in the bathroom.  I was wrong.
For a few hours, everyone was staring at me. They were giggling and smiling at me, whatever, I could not put my finger on to it as to why they were doing this.
One person finally asked me how it was to take a swim in the toilet.  My little just got out of 7th grade heart was devastated.  People were laughing at me.  They were laughing at something I did.  The person, who heard it all happen, had exaggerated slightly. Making it just a little worse.  I think it was so embarrassing to me at the time because I thought I was alone and got away with it.  And the fact that I was only in 7th grade.

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