Monday, October 9, 2017

a day

One Sunday morning, I woke up and decided to tell about my day in pictures.  It was the first day of October.  The temperature was grand and I decided this will probably be one of the last couple of days that sandals are acceptable.
I went to the City Market.  I wanted Beignet.  It's yummy and delicious and that was what my heart was set on.  It took longer than I thought to get a parking space.  I found a free one and headed into the market, straight for Beignet.
Beignets with sea salt caramel cream cheese dipping sauce.
I had the majority of it left over.
I took the street car to Union Station from the City Market.  It was windy out.
I was there for the Educator Stem Fest.
I arrived early.  Left with a bag full of stuff.
My favorite are the bison and bees posters I picked up from the MO Dept of Conservation.
Bison and Bees are my favorite.
I left Union Station.  Hopped on the Street Car.  Took a short walk around the City Market again.
When I arrived back home, I watched the episode of Hell's Kitchen I had recorded, made my shopping list, headed to the hell store to do said shopping.
I still have a couple of roses left.
The kids came back home.  Chili for dinner.
Looked at travel brochures for ideas on the next vacation.
I put laundry away and the cat decided she needed to frighten me.
I didn't see her there.

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