Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th!

Guys!  I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until my daughter mentioned it.   She said she had some funky dreams and I can relate because I had a funky one too. 
I was at work.  Isn’t that where all bad dreams start?  I was in our back office and hordes of people all of sudden flooded it.  Like people coming in and being incredibly loud and messing up the office.  If you know me, I keep it nice, neat and orderly to the best of my ability.  I went up to the front office after I got people cleared out.  They just disappeared.  In the front office, there were firefighters with yellow balloons and bags on popcorn on the table.  The lobby was filled with clients.  All of a sudden the electricity went out in a wave and it felt like the ground shifted and there was water under our feet.  I fell into one of the counters but everyone else acted like nothing happened.  The wave of water happened again and this time, the floor started tilted and collapsed.  Kinda like a boat capsizing.  Then, we were all outside.  No one was hurt.  There were children outside, playing in a sandbox, acting oblivious to a building collapsing right next to them.  The last thing I heard someone say before I woke up was “Look at Jillian, playing all by herself again”  Who the heck is Jillian?  It was vivid and I don’t have many of those.  It was right before I woke up and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.  Dream experts, weigh in….
What makes Friday the 13th so unlucky?  Some believe the origins to go all the way back to Friday, October 13th, 1307.  King Philip IV of France detained hundreds of Knight Templars accusing them of various things.  Many of them were executed.  Pretty much the King wanted their financial riches.  Money is the root of all things evil, right?  The origins are still pretty sketch though, because Templar history is hidden well.  Secret society and all.
I am superstitious over a few things and Friday the 13th is not one of them.  I also love black cats.  I think everyone should adopt them! 
How’s your Friday going for you?
Also, throwing some pictures in from four years ago when my children became the Children of the Corn.  I'm glad they played along with that.


  1. The black cats we've had were all wonderful kitties, affectionate and silly. (In contrast, the torties were all psychotic, but sweet.) I actually read somewhere that the reason people don't adopt black cats is because they don't photograph well. Can you believe it?

    1. What!?! That is crazy! I think they are beautiful when they are photographed!

  2. Someone recently told me that the animal shelters don't let people adopt black cats in October because there are weirdos that do bad things to them! I love black cats, though. And Friday the 13th too.

    Ha, laughing at your Children of the Corn! "Outlander! We have your woman!"

  3. Weird dream. Were you ok when you awoke or frantic and stressed? I kind of hate dreams, but then again I rarely have a good one (if I remember it).

  4. "Water is one of the most common dream symbols and is usually associated with the emotions and the unconscious." Check out more:

    I think it's great that everyone made it outside, unharmed. Is it possible that YOU are Jillian?

  5. Thank you for the history about Friday the 13th.