Thursday, October 5, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: What To Do While Waiting

It’s Thursday and that means it is list making day!  This week’s Top Ten Thursday has to do with things we do while we wait; preferably when our phone battery is dead.
  1.  Walk around.  I’m not pacing, just trying to get the step count up on my Fit Bit. 

  2. Reading magazines – I feel like I don’t get enough magazine reading time in.
  3. Coloring!  The whole coloring books for adult thing is awesome.  I normally use colored pencils with mine and I don’t stay on the same design for long.
  4. Clean out my bag.  As long as there is a trashcan nearby this will happen.  I tend to collect receipts like nobody’s business.
  5. People watch.
  6. Smile at people.
  7. Pay too much attention to other people’s conversations.
  8. Check my watch.
  9. Conjure up stories in your head but never write them down.
  10. Do nothing.  Have a blank void look on your face and stare into the nothingness of waiting.
Want to join in on the list making fun?  Head over to Part-Time Working Hockey Mom’sblog and post it on up.


  1. You should definitely carry pen and paper for those creative moments!
    I love that you smile at people :-)

  2. I'm a big fan of colouring books as well, and like you I jump from one design to another. The fitbit thing - I have been known to walk on the spot in the bathroom at work to get my step count up and when it buzzes for 10,000 steps I get very excited.