Saturday, October 7, 2017

the orange tribe finally won

Saturday, September 30th, my Usual Suspects took on the Benton County Roller Derby.
They traveled all the way from Arkansas to play us.
I enjoy playing them, they have great attitudes and everyone is enthusiastic about the game.
One of their announcers joined them and he did a wonderful job.
The Usual Suspects took the win.
Our record was 1-2 and all I wanted was one win for the year.
Teamwork and awesomeness helped us.
I am proud of everyone that played. 
I even scored a few points to add to our total.

Only picture thus far, but there will be more to come.

Guys, they are the cutest.

I didn't receive a single penalty the entire game.
I did, however, work the penalty box for the other game.
It's the first time I had done it and I think I will volunteer for it next year also.

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