Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Case of the Mean Girl

Shelby* is our temp worker in the office.  She helps out in the back part of our office.  She scans documents over to the file share and tracks our mail for us. 
She likes to tell me I am mean on a regular basis.  She once told me if she was one of the clients she would have punched me in the face.  She is also confused by me because according to her I sound mean but I do it with a smile. 
Last Friday, it got to me.  Am I mean?  Like is that a for real thing?  I feel like I go out of my way to be nice, sometimes not even expressing me own opinions on issues because I don’t want to come across as mean and hurt anyone’s feelings.  I wanted to start crying.  She was making me feel uncomfortable at my work place.  I am good at my job.  I am efficient and get stuff done. 
I expect people to take personal responsibility for their children and self.  If you are writing on one of our clipboards, I will call you out on it.  If you child is tearing up our office, I will ask them to stop.  I realize I work in a welfare office, but that does not give anyone the right to deface and destroy government property.  And who has to clean up after people?  It is us.
I give clear and concise directions on what needs to happen to get their cases completed.  I do not sugar coat things.  We do not have enough time for sugar coating information here.  Either you do it correct the first time or you are in the office whining that the state “cut you off”.  95% of the time, it is the clients fault.  That is why I try to be clear and concise so they know exactly what they need to turn in and what processes they need to do.
In real life, I am nice.  That’s what people tell me and my friends gave me lots of plausible explanations as to why she would say that about me.  Thanks friends, I appreciate your faces.

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  1. Morgan,

    I like it when someone is up front with me trying to spell out everything to make my life easier, not that I can't figure things out but there are circumstance where I do not understand protocol of the nature of that situation. Due to folks having neither good judgement or common sense and easily offended then they don't understand that you're trying to do your job to make it not only easy for them but you. I would hate to work in a welfare office. I'm not judging these people. I know there are good people who need help some times and this is the only way they can get it. Heck, when I was little my parents had to get it because of Daddy's black lung disability while he waited for compensation that took years to come. Mom wound up having to get a job. Anyhow, don't let other people's comments bother you. Just let it roll off your back. If they stick around long enough, they'll see the real you under the no none-sense business you. Thanks for visiting yesterday. It was nice meeting you!