Friday, October 6, 2017

volleyball is over :(

Alli:  Volleyball starts at 3:45 instead of 4 now.
Me:  Wait...what?  Why?

I had to wait until 3:30 to leave work since I have to have the time pre approved.
We are short staffed and it sucks right now.

So at 3:30, I left so fast I forgot my phone.  Ran back into the office to get my phone.
I made it to the school at 3:50 and missed a few minutes, but I caught the rest of it.
Alli plays the front row.
She likes those high black socks, they drive me crazy.  But hey, they make her happy.
Mom, did you see that thing I did?!?
But cupcakes made it better!  Thanks, Rylee!
My shirt is glittery!


  1. Your post brought back memories from when I played indoor volleyball on a competitive level, over a decade ago. And, we were also wearing black and white outfits, resembling pandas. That was our club's name, The Pandas, but then in Dutch (De Panda's). :-)

    1. A team that was called The Pandas?!? That's amazing! Volleyball is so much fun and I am glad my daughter is playing it. I hope to find a club team for her to do during the off season from school.