Sunday, October 8, 2017

pnw adventures: royals vs mariners

This year, baseball is over for me.  The teams I cheer for are no longer playing and do not have a post season.  Sad panda on that part.  This summer, we did get to see our Royals play the Mariners in Seattle and it was awesome.  It makes me want to visit as many Major League Ballparks as I can.
Before we went into the game, we grabbed some yummy hot dogs from the street vendor.  I can't remember the kind Alli got, but it had cream cheese goodness on it. 
The guy taking our tickets gave Peyton a package of baseball cards.
Game selfies!
There's the boys!  I think there were more Royals fans there than Mariner Fans.
Oh, hey, there's the flag of our people.
I was trying to get a shot of the moon because it looked amazing, it still looks kinda cool, but more like a little dot.
Yay Royals!


  1. Yup, same here with my Cardinals. They let us down this year. But then again, us St. Louisans have been spoiled the last 10 years. It's tough to see the Cubs win!

    1. I was able to go to the I-70 Series this year in Kansas City. This is the first time I had seen the Cardinals play. I would love to see a game at Busch Stadium. With the Cards either against the Royals or the Giants. :)