Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bowling for Birthdays

Over the weekend, we celebrated February (my moms, my sisters and my nieces) and March (mine) Birthdays.  We are a little behind on the celebration front.  Everyone has been busy.  This was the first weekend when everyone was able to make it.
We decided on bowling.  All of us had fun when we were at Fort Leonard Wood for Tanner's graduation bowling and we had fun again.  None of us are do very well, but we have fun.  Here are some pictures to capture the fun times.
After bowling, we picked up some Papa Murphy's Pizza.  We had Ice Cream Brownie Sundaes for dessert.  I got my niece the Goosebumps Board Game.  Which we played, it was fun.
I like easy, fun, cheap Birthday celebrations.
How do you celebrate birthdays?
Alli getting a spare.

They are all looking at someone. My guess is Scarlett.

Alli and Violett dancing.

Tanner, Lauren and Scarlett

Bowling shoes





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