Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Small Towns

Kansas City in the morning
I’ve been traveling around the great state of Missouri lately.  Okay, fine, not that far. 

Friday, we got an email stating coverage was needed up north in Buchanan County (1 hour away from my home base) because of the flooding near the Nebraska/Iowa/Missouri borders.  I was the choice for our office because I have driven the state car before (also referred to as G Wagon) and I needed the key for Monday anyway.  Some of the office staff was in the evacuation zones and needed to tend to that business.  I went up to Buchanan county and they sent someone from Buchanan up to the more northern counties.  We piggy backed.  I drove an hour and they drove an hour.  The Buchanan office was a nice change of pace.  It was steady.  I was there by myself for a while.  The staff is super nice.  The front atrium of the building is awesome and the sun would shine right in it. 

Monday and Tuesday, I was working in an office an hour south.  It is slow.  It’s not bad.  I like it, not because it’s slow, but other reasons.

Why I like smaller offices?

  • I can do all the work myself.  I don’t pass it along to others. (I rarely do this in my home office because I don’t want to)
  • People are more patient.  They wait their turn and don’t try to “cut” in line.
  • My pace is fast and I can work at that pace.
  • People are nicer.  I don’t get yelled at or cussed at.
  • One of my coworkers had to leave because their red cow got out.

Kibben on the Catnip
So, a few stories.

One man came in to do his business.  I asked him questions regarding his case and his answer was “It’s because of my crazy ex-girlfriend, you know what I mean?”  I shook my head no with a straight face, but wanted to LOL.  I wasn’t sure if he thinks I’m a lesbian and I’ve had crazy ex-girlfriends or I am a crazy ex-girlfriend.  

An older lady comes in, we handle her business, she uses the restroom and before she leaves, she comes back up to me.  She liked my lipstick color.  She asked me where I purchased it.  I told her Sephora.  She wanted to know where she could buy it.  I told her Sephora.  She asked if that was in the town we are in.  I told her no, that it was at the mall.  And she was like, oh okay, my granddaughter works at Macy’s!  She’s going to have her granddaughter pick her up a tube.  The lip stick is called “All Washed Up” and it’s a bright red.  She had my write the info down for her.

Chin Chin with his wooden sticks
One of my coworkers in the office stopped me when I was coming back from the water fountain on Wednesday and said she noticed I liked bright lipsticks.  She brought me some she had received from Ipsy and didn’t do well for her.  It is so pretty.  I can’t wait to try it.

A man called Kansas City, “the big city”.  That threw me off, but it made me smile.

The gentleman behind me at the Dairy Queen talking about his cows and which ones he is going to keep and which ones he is taken to auction.  Hearing the whole conversation made me smile. 

If I didn’t have to drive so far, I would work in a small office every day. 

A gift from a coworker at the Cass Office

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  1. Fun stories, and now you're known for lipstick!
    I grew up in a small town, much like you've described. Pros and cons...