Friday, March 15, 2019

It's Friday!

Happy Friday!  We've made it through another week and that deserves a big pat on the back!  What did you do this week?

Monday was Monday.  It was quite busy in the office as Mondays are.  We had a lot of ESL clients.  They all like Mondays, ya’ll.  I started not feeling well on Monday.  Congestion out of this world.  I figured it might be allergies with the weather changing dramatically and such.  I found out Tuesday that was not the case though.  We aren’t on Tuesday quite yet though.  The kids were on Spring Break, so by the time I get home, they are starved and so are the cats.  You would think the kids could grab a snack for themselves or have fed the cats, right?  No.  Everyone was famished.  I fed the cats and made chicken tikka masala for the fam.  I was trying for the spicy to try to clear up the congestion.  I had picked up some Tylenol cold medicine at the store on the way home also.  I did have a clear hour on the nose front though.  I was happy with that.
On Tuesday, I still felt bad.  I went to work.  Did the work things.  When I got home, I made a dinner of burritos.  That recipe will appear in the A to Z challenge next month.  It was yum.  While I was making dinner, I found this fairly large lump in my jaw.  I freaked out.  I was like NOOO, not an infection in face!  I ended up going to an urgent care.  I was in and out in less than an hour and found out that I have/had a double ear infection and the lack of drainage was causing a “backup” in my jaw.  I was given a RX nasal spray and steroids.  They are working and I know no longer have the lump in my jaw.  I never want to be on steroids as a medication again.  The side effects are not stellar and if there is another way around it, I want that next time.
I did not practice at all this week.  With the infection and the treatment for the infection, it wasn’t a good thing.  I did go and watch and help out.  We have the tournament coming up and now there are only two practices until then.  Even when not skating, being there is just as important.  I wasn’t contagious and I could observe and talk about things.
Thursday night, we had shamrock shaped cheese raviolis that I picked up at Costco.  Alli asked me if there were leprechaun hats.  I laughed and it was adorable.  I let her know they were shamrocks but they did look like hats.
Amazon Prime was in heavy rotation this week.  I received the books for the floral book swap that I ordered for my partner.  I ordered new curtains, pillow covers and a throw blanket for my living room re-do.  I ordered some HDMI cables for my DVD/Blu Ray Player and so I can hook up my lap top to my TV. 

This weekend we are celebrating the February/March Birthdays in my family.  The plan is bowling and pizza on Sunday.  My sister is getting some Mary Kay items she wanted and my niece is getting the Goosebumps Board Game.  I already gave my mom quite a few bottles of wine back in February when we went out.  I will probably pick her up some more things though.
I figured out how to make a custom header on my blog.  It was much easier than I ever thought it would be.  I am working on making a custom background.  I kinda like what I did just playing around.  I will work on the things and playing around with them.

How was your week?  What did you do?


  1. Hey, I like your new decor!
    Yuck, sorry about your infection. Is that a theme or something now? Good thing you went to urgent care.
    I'm with Alli, those look more like leprechaun hats than shamrocks.

  2. Those pillows are so cute! I hope you're feeling better!