Thursday, March 7, 2019

March Goals

March Goals!  I am a few days late on the posting of these, but better late than never.

  1.  Try out some new recipes!  Send me some you have been loving lately!
  2. Read Books!  I’m not going to set a number. I’m just going to read.  I have a stack from the library to devour.
  3. Clean out my car?! Will the weather allow me to do this?  Let’s hope so!
  4. Replace the lightbulb in my hallway….
  5. Exercise other than derby.  I picked up some videos from the library to try some different things out.  Also, there is a 50 burpees a day challenge.
  6. Sign up for the A to Z Blog Challenge.  Wanna try it out?  Go here.
What are your goals for March? 


  1. I have so many books I need to read! I had to put aside one I own to read one from the library. Good luck on your goals. 50 burpees a day? No thanks!

  2. Happy March! You've reminded me I need to wash my car...
    This is a good list, good luck. We're switching to daylight savings this weekend, so if you don't complete #5, no biggie.