Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy Friday!  We’ve finished our first full week of March! 
On Monday, I got a new furnace.  On Tuesday, I got a new water heater.

Last Thursday, my sump pump failed.  It failed because it became rusty and overworked and got stuck in the on position.  My furnace and water heater are both in the crawl space and were ruined.  My insurance covered the replacement since I have a “drainage” clause on there.  I have the clause because of the crawl space.  It saved me.  I didn’t have heat or hot water the entire weekend.  It was around zero and on Monday, it was negative three when I took the children to school.  I did have space heaters and they worked well in Alli and Peyton’s rooms, but my room has a tall ceiling and is pretty big and it didn’t do anything (plus the cats hogged the heat)  I am grateful for heat and hot water.  I got a fancy new thermostat that I can control by my phone.  It included a new fire alarm and smoke detector, which will send alerts to my phone.  I would like to purchase a second one to put in the lower level of the house.  All animals and humans are much happier now.
I got my partner for the book swap.  I found the book swap on Instagram.  BusyMamaBookSwap is where you can sign up.  She does the sign up for a few days at the beginning of the month and then partners you up.  My person is from St. Peters, Missouri, which is just a hop, skip and jump down I-70 from me.  The theme is floral and I’ve started finding books with floral themes and I’ll have to run to Half Priced Books to find some with floral covers.  I’ll probably include some sunflower items because Kansas and I want to find some fun, floral paper to wrap things up with.  I think Lush has some floral bath bombs, I’ll have to use the book swap as an excuse to visit.  What other floral items should I include? 
I am getting closer and closer to execution date on my project at work.  I was selected for a committee that is called the Business Process Re-engineering.  We try to make the Family Support Division better functioning while following policy and meeting the needs of the clients we serve.  My project involves the transient and homeless population of a few areas in the state.  We’ve identified five areas that have a high number. The pilot is going to take place in my home office and then once data is quantified with the other offices, we were determine where the second round will take place.  Wish me luck!
Alli’s cheer tryouts were this week.  She said they determined who made it based on how they would be useful to the team.  Alli is useful to the team. We find out today!
I’ve decided to do a no-spend April.  It’s not super strict like some are.  I have a grocery, gas and misc. budget.  There is a budget for all regular payments made each month.  There is the budget for savings.  And then, kids things.  I do have two eat out days, because every once in a while you need to have food prepared by others.  I have a fun activity budget also.  I can find a lot of activities that do not cost money, but some of them do and we have to allow for that.
What's been going on with everyone else?  Did your week go well?  Fun plans for the weekend?


  1. Thanks for the info on the book swap. It sounds fun!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my little niche on Friday, Morgan. Also glad to hear you're participating in the A to Z Challenge next month. Your theme sounds like a good one and I'm sure you'll get a lot of good feed back from it. I'll be sure to watch for your posts. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. Lost your heat and hot water in the middle of winter! Wow, glad you were able to tough it out. Good luck on your project launch, and I hope Alli got picked for cheer!