Friday, March 29, 2019

Question: What are your non-sports hobbies?

I saw this on another persons blog and it had me thinking.  What are my non-sports hobbies?  With the kids it is cheerleading, volleyball, football and baseball and with me it's roller derby for our sports hobbies.

So I came up with a list for non-sports hobbies:

Completing small house projects
Looking at cat pictures/memes/videos

What are yours?

The plane, somewhere over Oklahoma, in my brief non-nap state.

I tried to capture the sunrise.

Mostly eating.

I like colored pens, cheez-its and trying weird flavors of coke.

The Kibben was hogging the bath tub.


  1. Thanks for the pics!
    I wish I liked to cook and bake more as a hobby - it's good and useful - but usually I do it out of necessity. My non-sports hobbies:
    Drawing, blogging, decluttering and organizing, learning, reading.

  2. My non-sport hobby is cleaning my ears. It's not a hobby that takes a lot of time, only a few minutes every three to seven days. But, the payoffs are huge! They say that cleanliness is next to G-dliness. I hope that person was talking about ears. Sure, everyone goes on and on about showers. That only cleans the outside. Everyone knows it's what is INSIDE a person that counts. In this case, the inside of the ear. YouTube has a whole ear cleaning community. I don't know if you've watched the earwax removal videos. After you watch one, ear cleaning will become your number one hobby. Nose cleaning comes in at a close second, obviously.

  3. What is this message above mine??
    Basically all my hobbies are not sports. Reading, photography, writing, knitting!