Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cookies and Wine

Belvoir Winery.  It is one of my favorite places to visit in the Kansas City area.  It’s in Liberty, which is northeast of where I live.  It’s a grand, historical place with a few extra visitors.  It’s known for its ghostly friends.  They have had Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and a few other paranormal shows film there.  The owner was making fun of how exaggerated Ghost Adventures was being during the screening of the show.  Zac Bagans is so dramatic.  I enjoy watching it for that fact.  (Plus, they visit some pretty cool locations regardless of haunt status)
I went to a Girl Scout cookie and Wine Pairing there.  They did well at pairing each cookie with a wine.  This is how it went down.
White Wines
The Chardonnel was paired with the Shortbread cookie.
Plumeria  -- Lemonade
Sorelle Dolci – Lemonade  (My second favorite wine there)
Red Wines  (I'm not a huge red wine fan, but the cookies did fit the wines)
Norton – Peanut Butter Patty
Casanova – Thin Mint
Lucky Pierre – Peanut Butter Patty
Specialty Wines
Naked Pink – Didn’t have a pair, but we got to sample the wine.  (This is also my v. fav. wine at the winery, so delicious)
Boos – Caramel Delites  (The Boos is the Norton plus Brandy.  It's super potent and you cannot drink a lot of it.  Like a sip was enough, the smell is that strong)

The same evening as the Wine Tasting, there was a Ladies' Night Out Event.  This is where people get to sample/buy wine and go vendor shopping.  I enjoyed the vendor shopping.  I picked up some Paparazzi Jewelry and some Sh*t.  Wait, what?  There is a vendor that sells things with the word Sh*t in it.  It's hilarious and my plan is to bring the items to a potluck type thing with friends.
My friend that I was with gave me one of her water colors.  It matches so well with the Owl I have in my front room already.  Once I get the front room painted all of them are going on the wall together.


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    1. They did them at a few of the wineries. Girl Scouts received $6 of every ticket sold.

  2. I love the idea of a wine and Girl Scout cookie tasting. That just sounds so fun!