Friday, August 2, 2019

Five on Friday!

Five on Friday! 
I'm going to start doing the Five on Friday!  Five things that have gone well during the week!

1.  I found a podcast to listen to.  I'm not a good podcast listener and this one has me.  Maybe it's because I was obsessed with these books when I was younger.
Check out The Baby-Sitters Club Club if you want to remember a time way back when.

2.  We had our Victory Vixens celebration on Wednesday.  I don't have any pictures from it, because I put my phone in my bag and that's where it stayed the entire night.  We had tacos, bragged on ourselves about how awesome our game was and put some decorations on the trophy.

3.  The Sheilas won our second game! 

4.  Everyone is doing the 10 Days of Roller Derby Challenge.  I've been tagged in some fun pictures.  This picture is from the time we went to the Jersey Shore for CCRE.  I am so sad it's not around anymore, but I still want to go back there.  It was lovely.  AND SO MUCH FUN!

5.  My long time project at work is almost completed!  I have to write up Standard Operating Procedures for it and it will be presented to upper management.  I am so happy it made it that far.

Happy Friday!
What went well for you this week?

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  1. Hey, good stuff! Maybe I'll start doing Five on Fridays too. Glad I know of it now so I can start acquiring good things.
    Congrats on your derby winnings and near completion of your project!