Saturday, August 31, 2019


I've mentioned it on the blog a few times that I love sending and receiving postcards. I hadn't done it for a little while. 
I use the website called Postcrossing to get addresses to send postcards to.  You have to send to receive. 
They limit the number you can send at a time.  Once you hit a certain number sent, they bump the amount you can have traveling at one time up.  Right now, I am at nine traveling.

I have cards traveling to: Japan, Russia, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Turkey and Finland.  My guess is the Canada and Germany will arrive to their destinations first.  Russia is usually last.

Tips for postcrossing:
  • Print the address label.  That way it is exactly as the person has written it.
  • Print the Postcard ID at the same time.
  • Some people have gotten particular on what kind of card they want.  I try to accommodate, but if I don't have anything that fits what they want, they get what is in my pile.
  • Try to write a little something about your hometown.
  • Have fun with it!  I display my postcards at work! 
Happy last day of August!   I changed my calendars at work on Friday to September.  I can't believe it's almost September!

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  1. Fun! I have heard of postcrossing before but I don't think I've used it.